How it Works

You can more easily make changes to feel calmer, more joyful, and more organized when you have an experienced, compassionate guide.

First, we take a step back to get enough distance to see the whole picture. Then we zoom back in and look more closely at the parts involved.

What’s on your “plate”?

We’ll take a look at how much there is on your plate. For many women, plates are sloshing over with basic day-to-day responsibilities, aside from our own and others’ expectations of us. We’ll assess how much (if any) of your life brings you joy. Also, we’ll gently peek at what might actually belong on someone else’s plate.

Assessment is crucial, and we will take a compassionate look at the reality of your life.

What are you telling yourself about what’s on your “plate”?

Many of us are critical of ourselves, often without having any idea that we are being critical! Our judgments are negatively affecting us. Developing more neutral and accurate self-talk can go a long way towards feeling better and taking more realistic, effective action.

How are you coping with the “plate” you have?

What is and isn’t working? Where are things humming along, and where aren’t they? This includes giving credit where credit is due for all that you are doing to keep it all together.

Self-care is essential, and we will be addressing it! It includes body, mind, and spirit, plus play or fun. The idea of playing or having fun is uncomfortable for many of us, with plenty of good reasons. However, a life without joy or lightheartedness can feel very burdensome and make it harder to cope with the demands of your life.

What do you really want? What matters that is not receiving your attention?

You may or may not be clear about this one. That’s okay. We always start from where you are and go from there. Sometimes it takes a bit of discovering to find answers to this one. We’ll look at not only what is important to you, but also small joys and what you love doing (or used to love doing…)

Your answers to these questions can provide the energy, passion, and joy to help you find some balance.

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NOTE: If you’re in a crisis mode or struggling with depression, anxiety, or addiction that is significantly affecting your daily life, it’s important to get help from a therapist or psychologist to focus on that first. Addressing those issues and receiving the support you need will put you in a much more solid place for coaching. First things first! If you’re unsure, click here to send me an email so I can help you decide. I want you to have the support you need for whatever you’re coping with.

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