“In my years of working with Christine, there are two things I’ve come to count on:
1) When I focus on the joy, all the difficulties and the details magically fall into place, and
2) When I forget my innate goodness, Christine will be there to remind me of it!”
“Through my years of being coached by Christine, the most profound change I made was learning to let go of my exhausting old behavior of hiding my difficulties. Coaching calls have been a safe place to explore what works best for me and then learn to celebrate my new self. I’m grateful.”
“My life is very rich and full, so deeply different than the strained existence I was living when I first began coaching with Christine. All my work with her has given me the courage I need to pay attention to the dreams I have for myself — the things I most want — rather than dismissing them as trivial or unimportant. She said to me, ‘If it matters to you, it matters, period.’ When I talk about the importance of color, of joy, of the aesthetic, of partnership, of deep purpose, I can sometimes think, ‘Oh, whatever.’ But when I remember that simple phrase, ‘If it matters to me, it matters.’ Then I relax and breathe and go, ‘Oh, yeah! It doesn’t matter that I can’t fully explain it. It doesn’t matter that other people don’t feel that way. What matters is that it’s important to me; that is the reason it’s worth pursuing.’

It’s amazing how difficult it can be to trust what feels right. Christine enabled me to explore what feels right and be at peace with it. It helped me recognize how long I’d been going against my own grain. There are days when it is still difficult to let go of that old habit, but from where I am today, that feels possible to do. There are options, and I can choose joy, which is something I have long felt to be important, but I don’t think I let myself have the kind of supports that nourished that in my life. 

I’m grateful for what we discussed about ADHD. It was a huge relief for me to know that the everyday panic didn’t have to be that way. Christine recognized the dynamic of my energy ebbs and flows. I am very grateful for her grace and courage and kindness — all the things that make her such a superb life coach."
“Working with Christine can be a profound experience. She has an amazing gift for truly listening. I always wondered about the statement that the answers lie within us. I can only speak for myself, but Christine picks up on those meaningful things I say and rephrases them back in a way that I feel truly heard and validated. If you are a good fit for her style, you will love the insights you discover together.”
“Christine inspires and motivates you. She helps heal the part of you that you forgot existed. She sees in us what we can’t see in ourselves. She understands the deepest thinker, the one who lives outside the box that the world wants to put us in. She has a way of helping us uncover the true person that we hold close to our hearts, to make our dreams become reality. 

Christine is very calming and very enlightening. She hears what you are saying and often what you are not saying. She guides you with grace while letting you be the creator of your dreams. She lifts you up, gives you positive things to think about, and even shows you how to think about things differently so that you feel a sense of acceptance or find a way to change something. 

Christine is a true gem. Her knowledge, kindness, humility, awareness, and ability to see past what we can envision for ourselves is a true gift. She has the ability to empower you, making you feel like there is nothing you can’t do.”
"Because of Christine's coaching and guidance, I have been able to be my true self. I have been able to soulfully understand who I truly am and not continue to be this ‘perfect shell’ of a person that I think people expect me to be. Because of Christine, I love myself. She has given me the tools not only to see, but also to embrace my own strengths. Because of Christine, my soul feels free. She has shown me the way to accept and even love my weaknesses and fears (even when I don't want to.)

Christine's ability to calm my panic response when dealing with life-changing situations is a grace that I've never received from another person. During one of my toughest times, Christine taught me a strategy called “Awareness, Acceptance & Action.” These “3 A’s” and the meaning behind them helped me to look at the situation I was in, discover who I truly am, learn the good and bad by stepping back, then choose the best path for myself.

When working with Christine, I never feel like a burden or judged. I always feel accepted. Calling Christine a ‘coach’ seems too mundane. Her gift to love, embrace, guide, and see people's souls is unmatched."