Support for feeling calmer and getting organized enough so you can enjoy your own life.

If you’re curious about coaching with me, I offer a 30-minute consultation free of charge. It’s an opportunity for you to get your questions answered and get a feel for what’s it’s like to work with me.

It’s important to note that coaching is not for everyone. Sometimes other support is needed. If you’re in a crisis mode or wrestling with depression, anxiety, or addiction that is significantly affecting your daily life, your next step may be to seek treatment from a counselor or psychologist to get the support you need.

A coaching focus is different from counseling and is not treatment. It’s a partnership to assess what your challenges are, but also to recognize what is humming along, which is valuable information! Along with that, we will be identifying strengths you may not even be aware of. Coaching is seeing things from a more compassionate perspective and discovering that a small change can create a feeling of relief.

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$230 / month (recurrent payment)

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