Feel calmer, focused, and accomplish what's important to you.


I coach you to:

1) Get rid of the chaos in your life

so you can

2) Feel calmer,

3) Be more focused,


4) Accomplish what’s important to you.

Christine Weddle

Christine Weddle

I want you to live a life that is effective and joyful.
The more joy or effectiveness you have, the better
you can do what you’ve come here to do. I’ve been
a coach for 9 years and have a background as
a Master’s level therapist. I work either by phone
or in person, and I love using email and Facebook to connect.


Master of Education in Counseling Psychology (1984)
University of Missouri, Columbia

Bachelor of Arts (1983)
University of Texas, Austin


Owner of Light Spirit Coaching (2004 – present)

Began broadly as a Life Coach, then focused on working with small business owners and entrepreneurs.  From there, I developed a specialty in working with adults with ADD.  In addition to small business owners and entrepreneurs, I have worked with leaders of not-for-profit organizations, professors, professionals in highly visible roles, and graduate and undergraduate students.  I have also coached couples and families.

I have 8 years of related experience working as a counselor in both inpatient and outpatient settings, providing individual counseling and facilitating groups.  The majority of my experience was with addiction and recovery, and I am very familiar with 12-Step programs.  I have additional training in women’s issues.

If you’d like more info

You can contact me by email or phone.  To email me, fill out your name, email address and question or comment in the boxes below.

If you prefer to hear my voice, call me at (573) 999-9809.

My mailing address is

Christine Weddle
P.O. Box 761
Columbia, MO 65205

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