Feel calmer, focused, and accomplish what's important to you.

Joyful and Effective

Joyful? Effective? Yes, it IS possible to have more of both in your life. There are many paths to getting there. Getting there with a coach is one of those. Giving yourself support can be a kinder and gentler way to get there, not to mention more effective.

As I develop my website, I offer you suggestions for how you can get there. But it’s not really a destination, of course. It is indeed a journey. It’s about creating more joy and effectiveness in your life, not about being “here” or “there.” So if you’re wondering how to feel more joyful and be more effective, I invite you to look around. I’m continuing to add content with the goal of increasing the joy and effectiveness in your life!

Comments on: "Joyful and Effective" (2)

  1. Can you tell me how to stop checking facebook and transition successfully to my next project?

    • What a great question!! You are certainly in plenty of good company (including me). Facebook calls to us so sweetly, “Dianna, I’m always here for you. Don’t forget about me!” And, as sweet as the calls are, Facebook does not have our best interests at heart because Facebook does not have the full picture! However, you do, at least as far as what you want to get done that day.

      It can be helpful to imagine that Facebook is a person to whom you politely say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Or, you could be more bold and say, “Shush! I have something important to do now!”. Or you can even be playful and have a conversation, perhaps telling Facebook what it is you want to get done and why it’s important! That strategy has the added bonus of confirming for yourself the choice you want to make. You’re more effectively putting yourself in control of your choices by making your choices more conscious.

      Try it. Let me know whether it helps!

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